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You Should Stop Smoking For Your Own Health But Also For A Reason You Probably Don't Know

by LLong
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Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking is bad for the health of those who are near you when you’re smoking. We all know these facts. But did you know that smoking is extremely bad for the heath of some children who might live hundreds or thousands of miles away from you? I didn’t. Want to make others aware? You can share using the Facebook and Twitter buttons below. Read more:

Better Than A Magic Trick: See A Disease That's Crippled Millions Disappear Before Your Eyes

by DaleQuincyGray
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Here’s something cool: Teamwork … works. I mean, the red on this map didn’t disappear on its own! But the biggest win of all will come when the remaining three countries (Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan) are able to join us. Congratulations to all involved in this global health success, decreasing polio cases by 99% around the world. The last three countries will be tough to tackle, but if the recent victory in India is any indication, it can and will be done. And then we can have a worldwide party. Read more:

Community Post: 21 Mouthwatering Ways To Up Your Chicken Tender And Fry Game

by Health Guru
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We all know that chicken tenders are precious. View this image › NBC / Via And that there’s only one way to react when someone tries to take what’s yours. View this image › Lionsgate Television / Via But there are endless possibilities beyond the basic combo. View this image › 1. Baked Honey Chicken Tenders View this image › / Via Actually finger-licking good. Check out the recipe here. 2. Herbed Chicken Tenders with Rosemary and Parmesan View this image › / Via These will totally convince your mom that you’ve been eating […]