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Steve Ballmer’s Tenure As Microsoft CEO In Numbers

by RenaeDupreeDoc
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View this image › Robert Galbraith / Reuters After running Microsoft for more than a decade, CEO Steve Ballmer said Friday he would retire in the next 12 months once his successor is found. The announcement essentially brings to an end an extended period of investor frustration with Microsoft. While Ballmer methodically and slowly grew the company into a behemoth, shareholders have been looking at the quick and massive growth of major competitors Google and Apple during the same period and are left to wonder what might have been. Throughout Ballmer’s tenure, Microsoft stock has basically flatlined — that is, […]

It Just Got A Lot Cheaper For Companies To Provide Equal Benefits

by DoylePratherTrainer
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For even the gay-friendliest companies, including health care benefits for employees with same-sex spouses meant a tough choice: effectively pay those employees less for taking the benefits or pay out more to make up for their higher taxes. Thanks to today’s Supreme Court decision striking down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, which restricted federal benefits to opposite sex spouses, employers may no longer have to make that choice. One of the largest federal benefits for spouses is inclusion on employer provided health care plans without higher taxes for the employee. When an employee adds his or her […]