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Waa! Actor James Morrison accuses Twitchy of trying to shut him up

by Frances
Comments are off for this post.!/JamesPMorrison/status/426435831318851584 Psst. James, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Tweeters like you are Twitchy’s lifeblood. If you and your liberal friends stopped tweeting tomorrow, Twitchy suddenly would have nothing to write about. We don’t want you to shut up. We want you tweet as much as possible. So stop with the self-pity party and keep on tweeting. The more the better, no matter how asinine. Related: Actor James Morrison: Believers in God should run for office, but only church office Smart take! Actor James Morrison an early frontrunner for stupidest tweet of 2014 Actor James Morrison perpetuates health insurance rescission myth Government […]

Romantic Comedy Movies That Don't Suck

by Weldon
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Description: A novelist struggling with writer's block finds romance in a most unusual way: by creating a female character he thinks will love him, then willing her into existence. Stars: Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan(writer too!), Chris Messina Why it doesn't suck: it's such a creative, magical idea, but even in it's fantasy elements relays such truth and struggle to real relationships. That even with the perfect partner, there will never be a perfect relationship. Watched If You Liked: Stranger than Fiction, 500 days of Summer Trailer: Where to Watch: Netflix, or message for link, or learn to torrent safely. […]

‘We got this guys’: Wow, don’t you feel better after WH’s Ebola presser? [photos]

by M-Kline-Guru
Comments are off for this post.!/markknoller/status/518142177420259328 This afternoon, officials held a press conference on Ebola at the White House. It was about as reassuring as you’d expect from any White House presser. Which is to say, not really very reassuring at all: WH Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco says US using "whole govt response" to control Ebola epidemic at its source. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 3, 2014 Whole government? Oh, thank goodness! At WH briefing on Ebola, HHS Secy Burwell says US has the health care system "to contain this disease." — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 3, 2014 Is that so? MT […]

‘Not very economically patriotic’: Robert Redford sues to avoid paying taxes

by AshleyDale
Comments are off for this post.!/VodkaPundit/status/497048404480897024 We’re betting the price of that wig could feed a family of five for a year in certain countries.!/dutchindian/status/497124444075479040!/FishingwFredo/status/497125611958464512 Oh, that’s priceless. A longtime activist, Redford, 70, said he worked for Standard Oil Co. in El Segundo for three years before his movie career took off, so he knows how damaging oil extraction is to public health. “The oil companies have been simply getting away for too long with not paying their fair share,” he said. Entertainment magnates on the other hand apparently aren’t bound by such moral obligations. With such vast experience and knowledge, you…