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10 Strange Animal Problems With Even Stranger Solutions

by VitoPattersonDale
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Earth is crawling with all kinds of creatures, from the tiny bumblebee bat to the mighty blue whale. With all these animals running around, problems are bound to pop up sooner or later. Whether it’s man vs. wild or an intra-species argument, there are nearly as many conflicts as there are critters. But people spend their time coming up with solutions to all our animal problems, and some of them are pretty weird. 10Pig Perfume For Dogs John McGlone owned a Cairn terrier, an adorable dog that just wouldn’t shut up. Frustrated, the Texas Tech scientist retreated to his lab […]

10 Incredible Prehistoric Discoveries Made In 2014

by Health Guru
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In 2014, several amazing finds were uncovered in the field of paleontology. Many provide new evidence for long-existing debates, and some are even turning widely accepted ideas on their heads. 10An Ancestor To Lions, Tigers, And Bears In January 2014, a research team led by Floreal Sole announced the identification of Dormaalocyon latouri, a mammal from the Paleocene-Eocene boundary period 55 million years ago. Scientists had theorized for a long time that the planet’s large carnivores—such as lions, tigers, and bears—shared a relatively recent common ancestor. The Dormaalocyon latouri has brought them one step closer to learning more about that […]