Blusmart® Wireless Bicycle Computers Cycling Bike Odometer Speedometer With Backlight Wireless Heart Rate Monitor


This is a blusmart wireless computer, receiving and transmission of sensor data is wireless, it can monitor your bikes’ speed, distance, riding time, carolie, etc.More importantly, you can monitor your heart rate from this computer.It is easy to mount on your handlebar and as the large LCD display, you can read the riding data easily.So it’s perfectly suitable for riding, hiking, climbing and other outdoor sports actives.


Smart Sensitive Backlight

It can sense automatically the light intensity around the computer.It is on when you press the any button when there is insufficient light and off when there is sufficient light. It isn’t on even you press any button under the sufficient light.This feature makes your screen more readable than does shining a helmet light on the screen, also can save battery.

Auto Sleep Mode

If no signal has been inputted for 300 seconds, computer will enter into Sleep mode, CLK remains. It will turn back to the former mode with all the data remain unaffected when any signal is inputted or any button is pressed.

Auto Scan

When Auto Scan is activated, the trip distance, maxmium speed, average speed, riding time are indicated in turn every 4 seconds..It is no longer necessary to press any buttons during training.

Calorie/Fat Burn

In calorie and fat burn mode, the total heat energy the rider consumed calculated from the last restoration of the computer is indicated on the screen.

Maintenance Alert

You can set the maintenance alert value and when the ODO reaches the setted maintenance alert value, the icon indicate maintenance will appear on the screen to alert the rider.

Package Includes

1 * Computer

1 * Chest Belt

1 * Magnet

1 * Mounting Bracket

1 * Cr2032 Battery

1 * Sensor

4 * Cable tie

1 * User manual

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