BAIMIL AOCE-05 LCD Electronic Pedometer Run Wakl Pocket Pedometer Mini Calorie Calculation Clip-on Counter Pink

BAIMIL AOCE-05 Pocket Electronic Pedometer Step Count LCD Display
Paces are detected via the movement of the waist. So for accurate reading, mount the unit closer to the center of the body

1. Step counter function
2. Distance travelled(KM or MILE)
3. Setting your stride length(10 steps normal stride)
4. Calorie calculation(input your personal body weight)
5. Metric(KM/KG) and Imperial(MILE/LB) convert
6. Auto Shut off(no motion detected for 1 minute)

5 steps buffer error correction
Clear view display
Removable belt clip holder
Colour: Pink
Power Source: DC1.5V (1pcs * AG-10)
Dimensions: 50 * 50 * 25mm
Material: ABS

Package includes:
1 * Multi Function Pedometer

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