A Police Department Just Tweeted What They Found. And You Have To See It!

Recently in Alblemarle County, Virginia, a call came into Animal Control about a small abandoned cage with a female cat and her 13 kittens. But because the department receives a whopping 250 animal control calls per month, officers don’t typically respond to calls involving cats, unless they’re sick or injured. However, Animal Control Officer Kim […]

This Woman’s Tweets On Why High Divorce Rates Are Her ‘Favorite’ Went Viral

Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustra, a Bosnian author, wrote a series of linked tweets taking a closer look at United States high divorce rate, which hovers around 50 percent. Summer looks really great on me. pic.twitter.com/vK4SjS874h Arnessa (@Rrrrnessa) June 4, 2016 Hertweet series starts off with this eye-catcher: My favorite thing about America is the divorce rate. & […]