If One Of These People Were My Mother Or Father, I'd Have To Lock Myself Up

The city of Detroit is undergoing painful bankruptcy proceedings, the likes of which we’ve never seen. A key component of that includes slashing the pensions and health care of already retired city workers. What a great message to younger generations of working people — work hard all your lives just to get screwed. And yes, […]

SHOTS FIRED! Sarah Sanders uses Obama’s disastrous VA to DISMANTLE ‘amazing govt. healthcare’

Just horrible. #BREAKING: The Department of Veterans Affairs has allowed its hospitals across the country to hire health care providers with revoked medical licenses for at least 15 years in violation of federal law, a USA TODAY investigation has found. https://t.co/lS1bH1vXmi — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) December 21, 2017 /cdn-cgi/scripts/af2821b0/cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.jshttps://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js From USA Today: The Department of Veterans […]

Farewell, ‘responsible rhetoric’! Sen. Murphy describes GOP health bill with 4-letter word

Remember all those calls for unity and bringing down the over-the-top rhetoric after the shooting at a congressional baseball practice? It predictably didn’t last long, as Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy demonstrated today: No tweaks by amendment can fix this monstrosity. If you vote for this evil, intellectually bankrupt bill, it will ruin millions of lives. […]

Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Their Kids Could Be Forced To Take A Class On The Science Of Immunizations

Parents in the Canadian province of Ontario who choose not to vaccinate their children for non-medical reasons may have to take science classesbefore they go through with theirdecision. While it will not prevent parents from objecting on moral or religious grounds, it is hoped that by explaining the science behind vaccinations, some parents will make […]

Some Hay Fever Drugs May Increase Risk Of Dementia In The Elderly

As anyone that suffers from it will know, hay fever is nothing short of profoundly irritating. Fortunately, there are a range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs you can take to remedy the problem, but as a new study shows, some of them may be causing some particularly unfortunate neurological side effects. As revealed in the […]

You’ll Never Believe The Innovative Thing This Guy Did With A Trash Can

Every year, the average American eats nearly 18 pounds of bacon. And while it’s great to get your bacon fill by buying a package of the smokey meat from the store, why not make it yourself? If your first thought is that it’s difficult, expensive, and convoluted to smoke meat, think again. All you need […]