Matt Drudge hits Gov. Cuomo: ‘The patients are truly running the asylum!’!/DRUDGE/status/291477257954938881 Matt Drudge is fired up over the mental health measures pushed by Gov. Cuomo and New York lawmakers. “The patients are truly running the asylum!” he tweeted. This morning on The Drudge Report, the headline “mENTAL hEALTH cHECKS” links to an NBC article on New York’s sweeping new gun control law. One of the most […]

This New Bracelet Is Basically A Fitbit That Can Help You Deal With Stress

[youtube] The struggle of figuring out how to balance your life is all to0 real for the average 20-something. In fact, Millennials arethe most stressed-out generation. Stress can do a real number on your physical and mental health, which can cause serious problems down the line. The truth is, all of these problems(including issues […]

This is what we feed our kids?! Students send in pics of their nasty school lunches [10 photos]

It’s a well known fact that childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the US, yet many schools continue to serve lunches that have little to no nutritional value. And the problem isn’t a money one. According to the folks behind Fed Up, “There is no major cost difference between nutritious and not nutritious food at schools.” And […]

New Human Virus Linked With Hepatitis C

Each year, millions of people across the globe depend on life-saving blood transfusions. Needless to say, ensuring this limited supply is clean is imperative to ensure the safety of vulnerable recipients. This message has just been highlighted by a new study, which identified a novel human virus that seems to be transmissible by blood products. […]

Details of new fiscal cliff deal emerging; Tax hike for $400,000 and over!/steveholland1/status/280843332190621696 President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner met at the White House this morning for another round of negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff, and details of a proposed deal are emerging tonight. Among the White House’s concessions is a new threshold on the extension of the Bush tax cuts, from $250,000 to $400,000. […]