I Work In Marketing And I See A Lot Of Bad Stock Photos, So I Decided To Have Some Fun With Them (15+ Pics)

I work in marketing, so I see a lot of stock photos. I thought it would be fun to add animals and descriptions to some of the strange images I found. So I did that, every day during the month of May. Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/animals-added-to-bad-stock-photos-austin-light/

Clark Kent’s Last Day

Superman anticipates digital’s ultimate media takeover. We only wish he fought a little harder. Comic written by Larry Lambert, illustrated by Jerry King. More Comics From Jerry King Don’t Invite FBI Agents to the Summer BBQ Unfortunately, FBI agents have a hard time distinguishing between types of grilling. Comic written by Larry Lambert Tarzan and […]

‘Pinkman Floyd’: Massive #BreakingBadBands jam session on Twitter

http://twitter.com/#!/ImmortalDixon/status/367724531521048576 Fans and maybe just those who enjoy a good hashtag game were out in force on Twitter after #BreakingBadBands started crystallizing. The results after the hashtag got cooking were intoxicating in a funny kind of way: http://twitter.com/#!/marathonpacks/status/367685939679596545 http://twitter.com/#!/jtLOL/status/367734333798227969 http://twitter.com/#!/KeithAllGamer/status/367769857531445248 http://twitter.com/#!/PhillyAj5/status/367769594213457920 http://twitter.com/#!/MarttyMyers/status/367769318542835713 http://twitter.com/#!/__ChrisM/status/367759025112236032 http://twitter.com/#!/YurHero/status/367775177762811905 http://twitter.com/#!/MailmanChris/status/367774342316163073 We’re partial to this one because we like big finishes […]

Life In Tehran Vs. Life In New York

1. Traffic View this image › Via theguardian.com New Yorkers may complain about traffic in the city but in Tehran, traffic is almost unbearable during rush hour. Majd had difficulty transporting his infant son in the unsafe cabs in Tehran and says that he’s often seen children sitting on laps or driving cars themselves. 2. […]

Hedgehog With No Spikes Has A Prescription For Regular Massages, Enjoys Every Bit Of It

Meet Nelson, the completely spikeless and bald hedgehog who can be found at the Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue in Norfolk, UK. This tiny fellow is shy and vulnerable and needs human protection to survive. Without spikes, he wouldn’t last long in the wild, being a very easy prey to predators. But Nelson doesn’t mind staying […]

Two Girls Put Out Craigslist Ad Full Of Ridiculous Requirements For A ‘Fall Boyfriend’

Desperately seeking Fall Boyfriend. Spring, Summer and Winter Boyfriends need not apply. Two Manhattan women may have posted a dating ad to Craigslist that’s just begging for ridicule. This ad is the Pumpkin Spice Latte of dating: sickly sweet with a bit of a sour aftertaste. The ad, posted by “2 smart, funny, attractive girls,” […]