Here’s How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn Off Your Crazy Night Out (Video)

Ah, the new year. ‘Tis the season for blank slates, new beginnings and an opportunity to finally achieve that goal you set at the beginning of 2015. Because 37 percent of people make resolutions related to ifitness and health and 32 percent resolve to lose weight, we’re going to guess your 2016 resolution has at […]

Young man surprises his parents with a 130-pound weight loss. Watch their inspiring reaction…

Two days after Christmas 2012, Lucas began trying to lose weight in earnest. He was 300 pounds… Just shy of a year later, thanks to 1350-calorie daily limit and walking 5 miles to work, he was down to 170 pounds… During this time, he hadn’t told his parents that he was focusing on getting his […]

25 Deliciously Healthy Cupcake Recipes

Indulge without feeling guilty. 1. Double chocolate date cupcakes with sweet potato caramel Vegan and gluten free. Recipe here. 2. Plantain cupcakes with chocolate flax ganache Vegan and gluten free. Recipe here. 3. Raw carrot orange cupcakes with lemon icing Vegan and sugar free. Recipe here. 4. Coconut lime cupcakes with avocado […]