Brains, Genes And Chemical Imbalances – How Explanations Of Mental Illness Affect Stigma

Depression, schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions are increasingly linked to abnormalities in the brain and in our genes. Many professionals believe these developments hold the key to better treatments and their enthusiasm has spread. The public now endorses biogenetic (biological and genetic) explanations for mental health problems much more than in previous decades. One possible side […]

Ken Wahl honors wounded warrior; Blasts Obamacare, media and anti-gun zealots!/KenWahl1/status/297909053135392768 Bingo. @kenwahl1 Very true, my Health insurance went up $50 a month, everything going up but the paycheck! — Sue (@tunarose2) February 3, 2013 @kenwahl1 it sucks!!! Take home down $80 – may not seem like much – but that’s groceries for a week. If I get a raise – I “might” break even […]

Celebrity Chef Matt Moran Yells At TV Crew For Throwing Away His Food, Storms Off Set

Matt Moran is a famous Australian chef who is well known for his TV cooking shows. After a bit on set, a crew member starts throwing away the food to get ready for the next scene. Matt starts yelling at him saying that was good food that he just spent half an hour making. What a waste! […]