Twitter Is Roasting This Blogger Who Demanded Free Meals from a Michelin-Star Restaurant in Exchange for Social Media Exposure

eviews are still the lifeblood of the restaurant industry, but in the digital age, it seems everyone with an internet connection thinks their opinion matters. Now, one blogger has gone so far as to demand a free vegan meal from Campagne, an award-winning, Michelin-star restaurant in Ireland. The blogger insultingly assured the restaurant they would […]

What You Can Do Over The Holidays To Help End The Homeless Epidemic

With Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, many of us are looking forward to quality time spent with family and friends, delicious food and exchanging gifts as we celebrate and show our love for each other. Christmas lists are being written and were checking them twice, hoping for the latest in electronics, jewelry […]

The Last Days Of Graceland Too, The World’s Most Notorious Elvis Shrine

Paul Macleod’s memorabilia-stuffed Elvis shrine was the pride of Holly Springs, Mississippi, for 25 years — until this July, when MacLeod shot a man to death over $10, then died of a heart attack immediately afterward. What will become of MacLeod’s dubious treasures, and two families ruined by hero worship at its most obsessive, is […]