22 Tweets About Everyone Getting Married Thatll Make You Laugh At How Alone You Are

Growing up is a total buzzkill. One minute, its like, Oh my God, Im 21years old! Where my raspberry vodka at?! and the next minute, its like, Hi! Welcome to the real world.Here are tax returns, a slower metabolism and the incessant reminder youre growing closer to death, soget a partner now or die alone. […]

How To Make A Betchy Brisket

Shalom. I’m not Jewish so I don’t know if that means hi, bye, or what up, but I’ll assume it means “let’s get cooking, betches.” We all know the fun that comes with these eight festive days of Hanukkah and the whole feast that ensues – latkes included, which we’ve already fucking addressed. However, the […]

Top 10 National Dishes You Should Try

Most regular readers of Listverse will know that I am a food fanatic. It started as a child watching my family members baking on the weekends, and ultimately led me to try to teach myself French cuisine. Recently, I have been on a Korean food kick, and I can’t get enough of it. Because so […]

Zing! Matt Drudge slams ‘brazen’ Obama for his 18 percent tax rate

http://twitter.com/#!/DRUDGE/status/322849714494128130 Oh, that was beautiful! Matt Drudge let loose with that awesome zinger via his personal Twitter account. Remember, as Twitchy reported, President Obama’s effective tax rate has gone down to 18.4 percent. Fair share? That’s for rubes! @drudge But how much did your secretary pay? — Jordan Golson (@jlgolson) April 12, 2013 Heh. Ask […]