Technology Can Fix the Budget Crisis

A pair of Clinton-era telecom regulators and “card-carrying Democrats” want to bring back some of the economic magic of the go-go 1990s with an ambitious plan to accelerate growth, shrink the national debt while revolutionizing the delivery of government services and help slow global warming. The plan from former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Reed Hundt […]

Patients Previously Paralyzed By Multiple Sclerosis Able To Walk Again

Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) who were given a treatment normally used for cancerhave shown an incredible recovery, with some who were previously paralysed even being able to walk again. Leading to what some experts have describedas miraculous results, the technique could be used more frequently on those who suffer from the debilitating condition, […]

Colorado Weed Shops Create ‘Rookie Cookie’ Because Tourists Are Getting Too High

Colorado marijuana dispensaries are now offering a Rookie Cookie edible for beginning users who want to eat a whole product but avoid getting so high they can’t move or think. The early days of the state’s recreational shops quickly revealed that much of the public is unaware that marijuana edibles are meant to be consumed […]