‘Misprint’? WH page promises you can keep insurance you like. ‘Period’

http://twitter.com/#!/jamiedupree/status/397749196721500160 No one was stopping the White House from being “clear” when it described health care reform to the American people: “Nothing in the proposal forces anyone to change the insurance they have. Period.” http://twitter.com/#!/jamiedupree/status/397748997903110145 Those words, uttered over and over by President Pinocchio, still appear on the White House website. All we get to […]

25 Incredible New Species Discovered In 2014

According to the scientific community more than 2 million species of plants, animals, and microbes on Earth have been identified, but most experts believe and estimate that there are many millions more waiting to be discovered. Although it will definitely take centuries to discover all these new species, we conducted a humble search and came […]