You Won’t BELIEVE How Long It Took This One-Eyed Deaf Pit Bull To Get Adopted

Everyone around Scarlett the pit bull was losing hope. Over three years had gone by, and the one-eyed, deaf rescueliving atAnimal Welfare League of Queen Countyshelterstillhadn’t been adopted. Until fate intervened… For over half her life, Scarlett lived in a shelter. via: Instagram The lovable, disabled, five-year-old pit bull spent her days charming rescue visitors […]

New Law Seeks To Prosecute Fossil Fuel Companies For Deliberately Misleading The Public Over Climate Change

A United States senator is seeking to pass legislation in California that would exposefossil fuel companies to investigations that could hold them accountable for purposely misleading the public over the scientific evidence for climate change. The bill, which will allow prosecutors to start investigating such companies from when they first began denying climate change, will […]

Look How Huge The Rock Is Now

1. HAVE YOU SEEN THE ROCK LATELY? View this image › Twitter: @TheRock 2. CAN YOU SMELL WHAT HE’S COOKING? View this image › Twitter: @TheRock 3. Look at his back. View this image › Twitter: @TheRock 4. Look at his arms. View this image › Twitter: @TheRock 5. Look at his LEGS. View this […]

Weight Loss and Body Shape in Hardy,50545

JUST A LITTLE BIT IS BETTER THAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING; STILL, A SMIDGEN EVEN MORE IS A Lot MORE ADMIRABLE!If you’re”averagely overweight, “that is, not doctor-diagnosed with extreme obesity, or if you simply want to look far better by shedding or shedding a extra weight, there readies news for you– from ACCREDITED, trustworthy, trusted specialists who […]