Top 8 Levels of Scientology

This is the list of the 8 levels of scientology that one can attain after becoming free of unwanted influences of life (a clear). There are only eight published levels though there are a further seven levels that may or may not exist. These levels (called Operating Thetan Levels) are a closely guarded secret of […]

Twitter Thinks Joe Biden’s Word Choice Is ‘Malarkey’

During the vice presidential debate Thursday evening, Republican Paul Ryan cited the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya as evidence that foreign policy is unraveling. Joe Biden’s rebuttal to Ryan caught the online audience’s attention, due to his unique choice of word. “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey, because not […]

12 celebs whose acts of kindness cannot be overstated

Woody Harrelson While attending a fabulous party in New York, Woody was apparently approached by a homeless woman looking for spare change. Instead of saying no, Woody opted to hand over $600 to this woman. According toThe Daily News, when the woman recognized the actor, she said, “Thank you Woody! White men CAN jump!” Angelina […]