Nigeria just got crossed off a list no country wants to be on. It’s a huge win for us all.

In 2012, over half of the world’s polio cases were in Nigeria. But then something amazing happened. This year, they’ve had … zero. A substantial drop to zero cases of polio in 2015. You do the math. That’s incredible. I know, right? GIF via “Full House.” As the country celebrates going an entire year without […]

Why Ballet Dancers Work Harder, Love Stronger And Live Better

Did you know that the injury rate among professional dancers in Britain is 80 percent? That prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova — who was fired by the Bolshoi Ballet for being too “heavy” — was 110 pounds? That the pain threshold of ballerinas is three times higher than that of non-ballerinas? That the annual wage, in […]

Boom! RESOLVED: Tea Party rubes best O-care-gullible elites [pic]!/ExJon/status/395012083269386241 Truth-boom!!/Saint_Obama/status/395039527221211136 Yep. But, you know, silly rubes. Your betters, well, know better. That plan you love and want keep? You totally “didn’t choose that” anyway. Suckers! As NBC reported, the Obama administration knew you would lose your insurance plan. And lied about it anyway. Repeatedly. It continues to shamelessly do so. The always […]

‘Another red line ignored’: Obamacare sign-up deadline slips again!/kerpen/status/448625572059832320 Here’s a shocker. That March 31 deadline for signing up for Obamacare has been pushed back. The Washington Post is reporting Tuesday night that customers who have begun to apply on will have until mid-April to check a box and request more time. Under the new rules, people will be able to qualify for an […]

Why You’ll Never Really Get Over Monica And Chandler

There’s no on-again, off-again stuff with these two. 1. Monica and Chandler’s relationship was built on a great foundation: friendship. View this image › NBC / Via 2. Before they were a couple, they really helped each other out. View this image › NBC / Via Monica taught Chandler about the erogenous zones. […]

The Fossils Of A Shark-Eating, 97-Million-Year-Old Underwater Dinosaur Have Been Found

In 2001, “Jurassic Park III” introduced us to Spinosaurus, a gigantic meat-eater that could take a Tyrannosaurus rex down with ease. It wasn’t until recently, however, when some fossils were dug up in the Moroccan Sahara that scientists determined that Spinosaurus was not only the largest carnivore to ever live, but also the first dinosaur […]