10 Ways A Month Without Alcohol Gave Me A Lifetime Of Healthy Habits

I always tell myself, “Drinking alcohol borrows joy from tomorrow.” I once was a social drinker. What started as a 30-day no alcohol challenge turned into a permanent lifestyle change. People often ask me how I changed physically, mentally and emotionally after quitting drinking. So, I thought Id share my story. For many years, Id […]

Putting Seltzer In Your Vodka Sodas Actually Doesn’t Make Them Healthier

Health nuts already know soda can clean the rust off a car and wreak havoc on the human body, but perhaps sparkling water and seltzer, sodas sugarless soft-drink siblings, can fill the soda void and keep drinkers healthy. FALSE. IT CANT. IT WONT. *BUZZER SOUND* WRONG-O. NOPE. SORRY. MOVE ON. Sadly, carbonated water still contains […]

Peyton Manning narrows list to three

http://twitter.com/#!/FrankCaliendo/status/178315539737878528 Peyton Manning has just crushed the hearts of numerous teams by narrowing his list of favorites down to just three. The most sought after free agent in NFL history has decided he’s either going to join the Broncos, Cardinals or Dolphins. Denver and Arizona seem to be the front-runners as of now, but Miami […]

Stephanie Miller stumped by Malkin’s ‘rice ball of health care nonsense’

Carol Vicic on Twitter @SMShow: Do always refer to Asians as rice balls you progressive racist? I’d hate to hear what you call Obama. @mmfa @msnbc @TwitchyTeam Stephanie Miller Blasts Michelle Malkin’s ‘Rice Ball of Health Care Nonsense’ ow.ly/2uLLBE — NewsBusters (@newsbusters) February 9, 2013 Newsbusters’ Matthew Balan is more than fair in his analysis […]