Dark Chocolate Is Good For You – And Now We Finally Know Why!

Dark chocolate is one of the most delicious substances known to man, and it has the added benefit of being fairly good for you in moderation. A study led by Diederik Esser from Wageningen University in the Netherlands has shown that ingesting dark chocolate can actually improve vascular health. The results were published in The […]

How Searching For Instant Gratification F*cks You Over Long-Term

Tumblr It’s┬áno surprise┬áthat in our modern day and age, we’re all slightly obsessed with fulfillment delivered at a moment’s notice… and on a silver platter, no less. But, could this reliance on immediate gratification work against us in the long run? From cutting-edge technology to the praise of a good deed to greasy, late-night take-out, […]

If You See Kids Sitting Like This, Stop Them — It’s More Dangerous Than It Seems

If you’re a parent, you probably know the relief that comes along with watching your little ones take a break from running around in favor of sitting down to read, write, and color. While these restful activities give parents peace of mind, these seemingly innocuous moments can actually harm kids in the long run. The […]