Meet Nima, the food tester that could change your life.

During her studies at MIT, Shireen Yates felt sick all the time. She couldn’t figure out why. She assumed her problem was stress until her doctor informed her it was gluten plus dairy, soy, and eggs. Suddenly, Shireen had food allergies. Meet Shireen Yates, co-founder and creator of 6SensorLabs. Hi, Shireen! Photo by 6SensorLabs, used […]

10 Reasons Everyone Should Be Like Raven Baxter From “That’s So Raven”

Listen up, ya nasty! 10. Her confidence. View this image › Disney / Via #Flawless 9. She kept it real. View this image › Disney / Via Sometimes you gotta tell people what they need to hear, not what they wanna hear. 8. Her positive body image. View this image › Disney / […]

27 Times Funfetti Taught Everyone How To Party

Cakes just wanna have fun. View this image › / / 1. View this image › Cookies, cheesecake, Funfetti all in one. You can have it all. Recipe here. 2. View this image › Recipe for double-glazed Funfetti doughnuts here. 3. View this image › Mash-up cookies are the […]

FACT: These #ValerieJarrettFacts aren’t true either!/vj44/status/394978744227475456 Valerie Jarrett had a few heads spinning earlier tonight when she tweeted the “FACT” that “nothing in Obamacare was forcing people out of their health plans.” No, see, it was the health plans themselves that forced their own cancellation by not living up to the mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, as millions […]

Toddler Says What We’re All Thinking About Sloppy Joes

[youtube] Kids make up all kinds of excuses for not eating their food, saying that it’s either too mushy, too smelly or too green for their refined palates. Not to worry, because parents have their own arsenal of comebacks to talk kids into eating all the things they don’t want. Broccoli? Why those are […]