AOR POWER(TM) Compass High Impact Plastic Compass Zipper Pull with Removable Nylon Lanyard Paracord Attach to Zipper Pull, Backpack, Bag, – Liquid Filled Nickel Sized Compass Can Button Hole, Belt Loop Mini, Compact and Convenient Emergency Survival Outdoor Gear for Hikers, Camping, Woods, Wilderness, or Boating 100% Brand New and High quality Great Starter Compass (Green, Small)

AOR POWER(TM) COMPASSES are basic beginner type compasses for simple navigation. They are small, lightweight, and economical. They are useful in a wide variety of situations and can be stored in emergency kits, gloveboxes, boats, backpacks, and as a backup or training compass.

DON’T GET LOST! 100% Brand New Economy Compass | High Quality Pocket Design, easy to carry. Rotating bezel and see-through compass to orient your map. Unique design.

Attached to any zipper pull or strap on jackets or bags. Easily loops through zipper pull hole or attach to belt loops, bags, and other camping gear 3/4 inch size liquid filled compass for accurate direction readings Lightweight and compact size makes it easy to take anywhere Durable plastic body with 2″ removable paracord Always know what direction you’re going. If you get lost you won’t walk in circles.

The needle is very sensitive and if the needle is not in balance, all you have to do is tap the side of the casing to get the needle to move.